Why we review.

We believe personalized language learning, is effective language learning. With a database of resources, reviewed by a variety of language learners, we can train a machine learning algorithm to design personalized learning plans for any learning style/budget.

Imagine: you enter your target language, your goals & budget, how you learn best, and what type of content you enjoy. Then based on thousands of reviews the machine learning algorithm selects the perfect mix of learning strategies and resources, rated as effective by students similar to you.This will allow anyone, anywhere, with any budget to successfully learn languages independently. You can read more about the mission HERE.

How it works.

  1. We choose resources that have been submitted to the website.
  2. Our community members watch/read/listen/use the resource and provide their feedback..
  3. We average of the responses and add them to the online public database.
  4. Once enough resources have been categorized, by enough people, we design the machine learning algorithm.

Join the Review-Team!

  1. Navigate to your profile (or register), select “edit”, and then check the option to “join the Review-Team”.
  2. We will email you 1-3 resources, in your target language, that you can review (free-trial codes provided if necessary).
  3. You login to our review form and give your opinion.
  4. In the year 2040 we donate one million cupcakes to the endangered unicorn fund, in your name, for each resource reviewed.